The Breaking of the World

The Earth was destroyed.
Four worlds were created out of the ruin. Worlds for ourselves and the Mensch: Air, Fire, Stone, Water.
Four Gates connect each world to the other: Arianus to Pryan to Abarrach to Chelestra.
A house of correction was built for our enemies: the Labyrinth.
The Labyrinth is connected to the other worlds through the Fifth Gate: the Nexus.
The Sixth Gate is the center, permitting entry: the Vortex.
And all was accomplished through the Seventh Gate.
The end was the beginning

Thus is written in the surviving texts that bear witness to the Sartan magi who came together & caused the Sundering. These texts exist only in the library in the city of Abri, before the First Gate, a testament to the crimes of both the Sartan & the Patryn against the world.

The city of Abri exists in the area from before the first, all the way to the second Gate, home to those that would rather make a semblance of life for themselves here then brave the horrors of the Labyrinth. A sprawling city rife with despair & hatred, Abri is fiercely guarded at its perimeters against all that the Labyrinth throws at it. The city gates open rarely to allow those out to face the dangers of the Labyrinth, and even more rarely still to allow those back in.

There is a saying to those who choose to leave, to brave the Labyrinth; to those who attempt to find the Final Gate. “You stick to the path at your peril. You abandon the path at your peril…”

(This game is based off of Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman’s Death Gate Cycle, and no copyright infringement is intended.)

Into The Labyrinth

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