In the chaos of the Age of Dust, a mutant strain of humans emerged who were once again able to feel the Wave —that which maintains balance and order in the universe. These were the Sartan.

Sartan were of the same height and build as humans. They were born with white hair that turns brown from the tips up. All Sartan were also capable of using rune magic.

Recognizing the potential for magic, they developed runes to harness it. The Sartan use of runes was portrayed as more elegant than the Patryn, involving singing and dancing in prescribed tones and movements to affect the Wave. They believed that their power gave them responsibility and stewardship over the lesser races, whom they called Mensch.

In some instances, Sartan inscribed runes, mainly to permanently enchant an object or location, such as when creating barred gateways or magical weapons that could then be used by Mensch.

The Sartan believed in community, unity, and family, the basis of Order. However, in their self-conceitedness, they forgot about the Wave’s tendency to balance everything. As the Sartan became too powerful, the Wave shifted and the Patryn came to be.


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