Rune Magic

“Magic is a thunder heard in each of the sundered realms. Its power reverberates through the foundations of all Existence. It echoes the lightning of creation itself. In its voice is heard the promise of life and death. It is a power to be coveted and feared.”

The Patryn & Sartan use a system of rune-magic based on possibilities; the more likely a possibility, the easier the magic to do. Rune magic works by allowing the user to select a new possibility and weave it into the existent fabric of the universe. In other words, the Patryn and Sartan literally alter probability until what they want comes into being. It also leads to less extravagant spellcasting than usual; while summoning a fireball to attack a foe might work, and is possible, opening a hole in the floor to escape through is closer to the current reality and thus easier to invoke.

Both races use the same idea of magic, however, their style of casting is a bit different.

Sartan summon their runes out of midair as part of their elaborate spellcasting rituals; This involves the use of runes which are either drawn into or on an object or created in the air through performance, singing and dancing the prescribed sigla to the desired effect, seeing the rune magic as a mixture of art and power. The Sartan have often found the Patryn approach to rune magic dry and clinical as a result.

The Patryn sniff, however, at the mystical and philosophical approach the Sartan have taken towards the rune magic, preferring instead the more direct approach of tattooing the necessary runes directly upon their bodies, as well as drawing & carving runes on other things as needed. As a result, much of the Patryn rune magic is built directly on to their bodies, and some functions passively.

Both magics glow when they are in use… Most all Patryn have abilities tattooed into their skin that causes their runes to glow when they are in potential danger. Patryn runes are red in their natural tattooed state, glowing blue with streaks of red when there is danger, while the opposite is true of Sartan runes.

Specific Magics

Rune Magic

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