Pryan was created as a great inverted globe with four small suns at its center. It was to be the power plant and center for all four worlds, but it fell into chaos.

Great Citadels collected the energy from Pryan’s four suns and beamed it through conduits to the other three worlds (the Colossi on Abarrach, the Kicksey-winsey on Arianus and the sea-sun on Chelestra).

Covered entirely by miles-thick jungle (only the Dwarves had ever seen the legendary ‘ground’) the Citadels were to be the bastions of civilization, where the Mensch would live a life of plenty and comfort. However, as with the other worlds, the Sartan mysteriously began to die. In fear, some citadels banished the mensch to the jungle.

The Tytans, great blind giants of immense power created by the Sartan to manage the power systems of the citadels, were also banished because of fear they could no longer be controlled by the remaining Sartan. The Tytans went on to be an unstoppable terror as they searched for the citadels, trying to get home.


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