In an effort to maintain eternal balance, the Wave caused the Patryn to be.

Patryn were much the same height and build as humans. They were born with brown hair that turned white from the tips up. They were all possessed of excellent magical ability to varying degrees.

All Patryn were capable of using rune magic, which manipulated the Wave of possibilities, allowing the Patryn to view a myriad of possible outcomes and select one to occur. The more unlikely the possibility, however, the more difficult to conjure. Patryn use of runes was portrayed as less elegant than Sartan, as it relied more on physical representations such as their tattoos, the use of voice, and drawing the runes in air or on a surface.

Unlike the Sartan, the Patryn were loners, volatile and destructive; they believed that their powers gave them the right to do as they would. Patryn tattooed the runes on themselves and chose their name to mock the Sartan.

These two races came into conflict over control and influence of the Mensch, and both came to think of themselves as gods…


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