With the Sundering, the Sartan sought to imprison the Patryn and those who fought alongside them inside the Labyrinth. While the Sartan succeeded in sundering the Earth, from there everything only deteriorated.

In the Labyrinth, the Sartan who should have been monitoring the prison realm either died or left. And without its caretakers, the Labyrinth slowly evolved from the temporary correctional facility it had been meant to be, into a sadistic and sentient prison.

Instead of forcing a hard existence upon the Patryn who had been sent there, and teaching them to care for others through relying on one another; it created a lethal, murderous hell where survival was the cruel torture of having hope dangled in your face, only to have it ripped away.

Setting out from the city of Abri on journeys that sometimes last generations, those warriors who strive for the Final Gate travel and fight in nomadic bands or simply alone. The Patryn have become even more warlike as they fight against incredible odds to push farther and farther towards escape.

Though some do eventually escape, they do so only by climbing on the corpses of those who have come before.

The farther that one progresses into the Labyrinth, the more difficult and cunning the monsters and traps become, each Gate more difficult to proceed to and through than the last.


Into The Labyrinth Stormfeather