Heart-Rune Bond

The Patryn Heart-Rune Bond is a commitment that is only entered by two Patryn who trust each other implicitly, and desire the power that a Heart-Rune Bonding will bring. Love is not always a necessity when determining if the Bond should be entered, and not all Patryn who do love one another choose to enter into the Bond.

The Heart-Rune Bond lasts a lifetime. Unless one of the two Patryn in the Bond is killed or dies, one cannot decide against the Bond at a later time. If one of the two bond-mates does die for any reason, there is also the possibility of death for the bond-mate.

At the very least, the breaking of a Heart-Rune Bond with the death of one bond-mate will result in terrible damage to the survivor’s heart rune. And while damage to the heart rune does eventually heal, this is often a deciding factor for a Patryn to accept or reject a proposed Heart-Rune Bond, for though the bond makes both Patryn more powerful, it is also a terrible Achilles Heel.

For many Patryn who choose to make the commitment of a Heart-Rune Bond however, the pros do outweigh the cons.

A Heart-Rune Bond binds two Patryn together mind, body, and magic. The bond allows each Patryn access to the other’s mind and as well as all of their magic. It also allows them to feel whatever is happening to the other Patryn, should they so desire, as well as to communicate telepathically.

It requires concentration on the part of both Patryn to open and maintain the min-link to speak and draw on one another’s powers. One part of the bond would be aware of the other attempting to communicate or draw power, however, regardless of whether or not they chose to reciprocate. One side of the Bond could still choose to withhold power or refuse to communicate, should they so desire.

With the implementation of the Bond, the less dominant Patryn takes the more powerful Patryn’s mark upon their body. If there is a doubt, both may take one another’s mark.

Heart-Rune Bond

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