Chelestra was to be the primary world where the Mensch and Sartan would live. A great orb of liquid, the world was populated by great drifting beasts used as habitats for the mensch, with its own “Sea-sun” at the center.

Chelestra was also intended as a tremendous waste management and recycling plant, with the great floating habitat-beasts called “Durnai” serving as biological recycling stations for the detritus from the other worlds. However, strange serpents, creatures of great power and corruption – that the Sartan had not created – began to appear.

The Sartan could not account for their existence, but their danger was undeniable. Even worse, the emulsion fluid of Chelestra had a neutralizing effect on Sartan rune magic, rendering it and them utterly powerless. Surrounded by water that took away their power, no longer in control of the mensch, and faced with the serpents, the Sartan of Chelestra retreated into their capital.

Samah, fearing what would happen if the serpents spread to the other worlds, shut Death’s Gate, cutting communication between the worlds. The Sartan then placed themselves into a stasis sleep, expecting it to only last long enough for the other worlds to finish their parts of the grand plan and come help. This contributed to the disappearance of the Sartan from the mensch worlds, as well as the disappearance of those set to guard and watch over the prisoners in the Labyrinth.


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