On Arianus, intended as an industrial and manufacturing world of floating continents, the Sartan had problems. Cut off from communication with the other worlds (Chelestra specifically and the Council), the Sartan were slowly dying of some unknown cause, quickly becoming vastly outnumbered by the Mensch. These Sartan settled into hibernation, hoping for help from the other worlds.

The Kicksey-winsey, a grand machine intended to align the floating continents and provide them with water (water being a direct byproduct of its production cycle), as well as manufacture all the processed goods desired by the other worlds, never became properly active.

The Dwarves, not truly understanding its purpose, effectively became slaves to the machine, worshipping it after a fashion & taking care of it as an artifact of ancient times.

The Elves became tyrannical lords of much of the world through manipulation of the dwarves to obtain a monopoly on water, and waged war with the humans constantly.


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