When it became apparent to the Patryn who had been imprisoned in the Labyrinth that the place was trying to kill them, those imprisoned banded together & built the city of Abri.

Slowly, over many generations, those Patryn who did not immediately seek the Final Gate slowly increased in numbers. The city of Abri expanded, its citizens fighting the Labyrinth for every inch that they took. And while, many of the more evil creatures live further into the Labyrinth, the Wall Guard is considered the first defense against all things the Labyrinth chooses to throw against the city.

If called, all citizens in Abri that are capable are expected to fight. It is not an easy life, but for many, it is the only way. Many would not make it to the Third Gate even if they tried their hardest.

The Labyrinth is cruel, and there is not ever a sense of peace, even in Abri. But there is a sense of community, and there is a united defense against the monsters of the deadly prison.


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